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Submitted on
December 5, 2012


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| Updates and Progress |

182 Members, 12,727 Pageviews, 191 Watchers. Hm, not bad. Not 15k pageviews, but...not bad.

| Activities and Events for the Month |

It's finally here, ladies and gents! IT'S DECEMBER~!! :iconlachoirplz: That means snow (in the temperate countries), cold, and---most of all---CHRISTMAS!! Yey~! And of course, we make a contest out of it!

| Theme of the Month: "A Merry Pokemon Christmas!" |

It's time to drag that tree out of the dusty closet and bring out the decorations, because we're all getting ready for Christmas~!!

Rules and Reminders

:pointr: This is contest is classified as a MAJOR EVENT, and so for every submission will earn the person 20 pts. for their Class.

/ For the people who have yet to inform me of the Class they want to be sorted into, please do Note me as soon as possible. The consequences of noncompliance to this will result to the entry being unaccounted for Class Points. /

:pointr: All entries must be submitted to the Contest folder.

:pointr: The goal here is to draw your character with their Pokemon (or with other trainers, Pokemon, etc.) in the spirit of Christmas and December. Be it frolicking in the snow, decorating the Christmas tree, and other doo-dah.

:pointr: You can collaborate with other people (a.k.a. work together with them to make your art), or be able to use their characters (just as long as you have their permission).

:pointr: Official PokeSpe characters may be used/included in the work, but cannot be killed or paired up with any OC.

:pointr: The entry must abide with the Ground Rules and OC Rules and Regulations of the group, otherwise they will be declined and/or the user potentially banned.


The deadline for submission of entrieswill be December 26 @ 11:59PM, GMT+8. Failure to submit at this date and time will render the artwork unacceptable.

| NOTE | The reason why the deadline of the contest is not at the end of them month is because we will have a 'special contest' before the new year, and I'll be posting a journal entry about it. Along with the announcement, the extra time given before the end of the year will give everyone enough time to draw/write their entries for the new contest.


Creativity - 25%
Originality - 25%
Composition (proper use and balance of elements) - 25%
Cleanliness (for drawings)/ Grammar and Spelling (for literary pieces) - 15%
Overall Impact - 10%
TOTAL - 100%


First Place Winner - 50 points for their Class + 1 full-body, cell-shaded drawing w/o background

Second Place Winner -  40 points for their Class + 1 full-body, uncolored drawing w/o background

Third Place Winner -  30 points for their Class  + 1 half-body, uncolored drawing w/o background

[ That's all for now, everyone! Good luck! ]

Sincerely yours,
Pokemon Special Academy Headmistress and and Group Founder
I'm so gonna do it xD
DetectiveRoboMonkey Dec 5, 2012  Student Writer
I'm entering! My entry will come soon.
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